A laminate that kills 84% of Corona Virus

Published: Apr 12, 2021

Fresh Off the Press – A new laminate that kills 84% of viruses, including Corona Virus

Face Communications are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of a new laminate supplied by our partners at Graphic Image Films Ltd.

The new antimicrobial laminate, for all your printed material, offers a layer of protection for your customers, employees and members of the public against Corona Virus. On a day when “non-essential” shops and other services are reopening for business it is great news that the printing industry is doing its bit to reduce the spread of infection.

According to research, on a smooth polyprop surface, like laminate, the average life-span of, Corona Virus is usually between 4 to 7 days depending on the environmental conditions.

Trials on our new laminate show -

  • 65% reduction after 2 hours
  • 73% reduction after 12 hours
  • 84% reduction after 24 hours

This makes it a great product for use in the hospitality and events sector and a great fit for use in public spaces and on products that are frequently handled.

Please contact andy@facecommunications.co.uk for more information

In addition to lamination the recommendation is to clean the surface with a non-abrasive, non-aggressive cleaner or chemical. For example, antibacterial sprays can be used to clean the surface, providing they do not damage the film physically.

The new antimicrobial gloss and matt laminates have been tested by independent laboratories to prove its antimicrobial properties for both viruses and bacteria. The certificated results contained the following information: Tests were carried out by an independent laboratory according to ISO 21702, certifying antiviral activity on plastic surfaces and other non-porous surfaces. Trials showed that after 2 hours there is a 65% reduction in viruses in the surface area, after 12 hours there is a reduction of 73% and after 24 hours there is a reduction of 84%. These reductions have been tested with the feline corona virus (FCoV), strain Munich, which shares characteristics with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Antibacterial tests were also carried out by an independent laboratory according to ISO 22196, certifying antibacterial activity on plastic surfaces and other non-porous surfaces. Tests showed that after 24 hours there is a reduction of more than 99% of bacteria on its surface.

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