Carbon Capture - You ask, we answer!

Published: Oct 02, 2020

You ask, we answer!

We have listed a range of typical questions asked by our valued customers since 2013 regarding our Carbon Capture programme and we hope they go some way in answering your question. If not then jot your question down and send it me –

What is our Carbon Capture Programme? – As a consequence of our customers’ printed marketing and training material, we plant trees here in the UK that will capture the equivalent amount of carbon (CO2) that is produced in the manufacture of the paper and board used.

How big does your print job have to be in order to have trees planted? – No job is too small. Every print order that involves paper or board will have trees planted to capture the CO2 produced as result of the manufacturing process.

How do we plant trees? – The Woodland Trust plant trees on our behalf and in-turn our customers.

Who is The Woodland Trust? – The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK concerned with the creation, protection and restoration of native woodland heritage.

How much will it cost? – It will not cost you a penny! When we order paper and board to produce your job, Face Communications pay an additional percentage. This extra amount, which we pay, goes directly to The Woodland Trust to plant trees in UK.

Why don’t we pass the cost? – We took the decision in 2013 not to pass this additional cost on as we wanted to give something back to our valued customers for their business, something tangible, something of real value; trees planted in the UK by The Woodland Trust.

How many trees will be planted? – This depends on the total amount of paper and board used in the production of your print order. Once we know the total weight of paper/board we then work out the amount of carbon produced in its making. Once we know the amount of carbon we calculate the number of trees that will capture the equivalent amount of carbon.

As an example, let’s say we printed 2000 copies of an A4 16pp on 150gsm for you. We would plant (not us, but The Woodland Trust) just over 6m2 of native woodland, approximately 1.5 trees.

So, one and half trees will absorb all the carbon produced in making the paper for your brochure!

How do trees absorb carbon? – I’m no scientist but the process by which trees absorb carbon (CO2) is called photosynthesis. In simplistic terms - trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere; they also absorb water from the ground and use energy from the sun to photosynthesise.

Through this process they turn these three elements; carbon, water and sunlight, in to glucose (tree food), and thankfully for us, oxygen.

Where in the world does our paper and board come from? – Our main supplier of paper and board is Premier Paper Group ( they source products from reputable and responsible suppliers from Britain and across the Continent.

What are the benefits for you? – Environmental issues are becoming more and more important to us here at Face and the organisations we support. A carbon reduction strategy like our Carbon Capture programme can provide a commercial advantage for you including:

  • Provide a reduced carbon solution for you and your customers and target audience.
  • A tangible demonstration of your company’s responsible approach to the environment.
  • Use of the Woodland Carbon Logo.
  • You’ll know that trees exist as a result of your printed material

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