Trees = Paper & Paper = Trees

Published: Sep 24, 2020

Trees = Paper & Paper = Trees

Planting trees is a good thing to do. It’s good for the environment, the planet and it can be very good for business.

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with just 13% tree cover compared to the European average of 44%.

Face Communications have been helping our valued customers to plant trees to capture their carbon emissions since 2013 and we can do the same for you.

This is how it works – When we receive an order the weight of the paper and board required is calculated. Once we know the weight we determine the amount of carbon (CO2) that has been produced as a by-product of the manufacturing paper and board processes.

Once we know the amount of carbon we then calculate the number of trees required to capture the equivalent amount of CO2.

As an example, let’s say we print 2000 copies of an A4 16pp self-cover brochure on 150gsm. As a result of this brochure we would plant just over 6m2 of native woodland, approximately 1.5 trees. So, during their lifetime one and a half trees will absorb the equivalent amount of carbon produced in making the paper for this brochure.

Face Communications pay (not you!) a percentage of the overall cost to The Woodland Trust who plant trees right here in the UK. The variety of trees planted are; Beech, Birch, Scots Pine, Douglas Fir and Yew

It is a simple and very effective process; Trees = Paper and Paper = Trees.

When you choose to capture the carbon you can use a specially developed logo on all your printed material. Using the Woodland Carbon logo enhances your brand and reinforces your environmental message.

Environmental issues are becoming more and more important to organisations and a carbon reduction strategy often provides a commercial advantage including:

1. Provide a reduced carbon solution for you and your customers or target audience.

2. A tangible demonstration of your company’s responsible approach to the environment.

3. Use of the Woodland Carbon logo to enhance your own and your customer’s brand.

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