Wiro Binding

Published: Sep 07, 2020

Wiro Binding

Wiro binding (also known as wiro, twin loop wire, ring wire, wire bind and double loop wire) is a very cost effective method for binding low volume, high quality brochures, training manuals, desk calendars, flip-pads, price lists, technical manuals etc. The addition of an acetate sheet to the outside of the front and back covers will add durability and longevity.

Wiro binding allows the printed document to open totally flat on the desk and even allows for the pages to be turned back on themselves, again allowing for the document to be laid flat on the desk for easy reading.

The wire comes in a variety of colours: black, white, chrome, red, blue. if you have a particular colour in mind then please get in touch. Wiro binding is a very versatile process as it can be used to bind sizes outside the standard, A6, A5, A4 and A3.

Wiro binding can be used creatively to produce an "industrial" or "hard-edged" effect (see Line of Duty example attactched) adding to the design and overall look of the piece. The Apprentice Packs (also attached) have an acetate sheet to the front and back cover for durability and longevity.

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